Thursday, October 18, 2012


Many things have changed over the past week. Emme lost the desire to sew (for a couple of days, at least). Emme rediscovered the desire to sew (with a vengeance). Oh, and we filed for domestic partnership.

This is the picture that Emme's bestie, Bianca, made for us. (I'm sure she's super excited to be mentioned right now). While not technically married, we are legally each others now. Sweet, right?

But, more importantly...
Emme purchased 7 new patterns and is burning fabric on her sewing machine. Not literally burning fabric. That was an attempt at cuteness. Like 'burning rubber'. Ha.

With 1 of the patterns. Concentrating.
Another pattern. Finished product. She's adorable!
I drew a crab. I just really like it, so I thought I'd share.
Anyway, we are now bound to each other through a small filing fee and a cute document that we'll one day have calligraphy'd. (You can find out registry at under one of our names)

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