Thursday, October 18, 2012


Many things have changed over the past week. Emme lost the desire to sew (for a couple of days, at least). Emme rediscovered the desire to sew (with a vengeance). Oh, and we filed for domestic partnership.

This is the picture that Emme's bestie, Bianca, made for us. (I'm sure she's super excited to be mentioned right now). While not technically married, we are legally each others now. Sweet, right?

But, more importantly...
Emme purchased 7 new patterns and is burning fabric on her sewing machine. Not literally burning fabric. That was an attempt at cuteness. Like 'burning rubber'. Ha.

With 1 of the patterns. Concentrating.
Another pattern. Finished product. She's adorable!
I drew a crab. I just really like it, so I thought I'd share.
Anyway, we are now bound to each other through a small filing fee and a cute document that we'll one day have calligraphy'd. (You can find out registry at under one of our names)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The week she couldn't sew

This week has been busy. Not just our normal random things busy. But, epic things occurred. There were kittens. Work was busy. And, there was Amanda Palmer!!
On any given night Emme sews or embroiders or cuts fabric or cuts patterns. Basically, she has some project lined up everyday. But this past week she did nothing. Zero. Nada. It started with Wednesday night, in which we drove out to my cousins to pick up 2 kittens. They (my cousins, not the kittens) were going hunting for the weekend and we were going to watch there 5 week old kittens for them. 
These are the cute little beasts. In a bag Emme had previously made. 
Thursday, we had to meet up with someone to purchase tickets from them.
Friday, we utilized those tickets and saw my hero, Amanda Palmer. 
Absolutely amazing!! For cereal, everyone, I saw my freakin hero!! 
Saturday, we hung out with kittens.
A valid distraction.
Sunday? Kittens. 
Monday, Emme worked a crazy long day. Plus, when she came home, there was kittens.
Tuesday night? That's right. Kittens.
I was tired of them by then, so I tried to eat them.
It's now Wednesday night and we just now returned the kittens (unharmed) to their proper family. They truly are cute little things. And, it's nice to know we can go and see them at any point. 
Hopefully, tomorrow things will return to normal. I miss the roar of the sewing machine. It's just not the same around home without that sound. Read back later to see how it all turns out. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

At least she can clothe herself.

Emme sews a lot. Basically, each night and through the weekend. It's pretty obsessive. Or 'Manic Sewpressive' as I like to refer to it. The great thing is that she's really quite good at it. And getting better with each stitch. 
Here are just a few of the impressive pieces that she has sewed for herself. 

I think this might be her favorite. She wears it often. Made of denim and she appliqued flowers onto it. Yes, she really is that adorable.
Her sexy dress!
Same pattern as the denim dress above. Linen this time. Even Stitch approves!
Lightweight linen creation of her own design. And a denim hat. But what's really worth note in this picture is the headboard area. That's my creation!! Painted the green on the wall and then framed it. Next, placed the (evil) dandelion decals. I love it. 

She made this a-line tunic for Disneyland. Obviously, she was influenced by Minnie Mouse. I'm also in this picture looking super dapper with Mickey.
 And, this is the cute dress she made for Father's Day. Orange is her father's favorite color. All of the Von ladies look wonderful.
Pants! She made me lounge-y pants! In a pirate theme! 

Emme sits on the floor as I type this. She's cutting out fabric to make herself another convertible clutch (seen in the last post). I'll share photos of that soon. 
Craft on. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Crafting us out of house and home

Emme is currently super into hats. I think they're a little more of a challenge for her. 
Not that you could tell. This is her 9th hat. In a week. Every time I look up she has a new hat on her head. 

This is my awesomely artsy photo of her sewing. I like that she's very dainty and proper and sews with her little pinky up! She's been working on this hat for about 30 minutes. End product will be done in moments. But first...
Here's a few photos of what she's made this past week.
8 hats!
7 bags.
I think she made a dress or skirt as well, but it's already in the closet. Well... it's on the bed or floor waiting to be placed in the closet.
These are her new convertible clutches. The furry creature on the left is our be-fanged cat Maggie.

The start of something

Emme wants a blog. She doesn't want to blog, however. She thinks it's an awesome idea if I write it about her.
Well... not exactly about her. She wants me to write about her crafting.
That's right. She wants to sew, stitch, applique, and do whatever else it is she does. AND she wants me to tell you about it. I'm uncertain if this is the best idea. I don't think I can type as quickly as she does her projects. I also don't think I'm disciplined enough to keep it up.
For now I'm comfortable with this start. Simply because it's a start.